Butterscotch, Stevia and Stones

Sweet Sunny butterscotch and some packets of stevia tucked besides stones of bumblebee Jasper and citrine believed by the way to promote prosperity and purpose I smile with the light imagining the potent alchemy occurring in such an unsuspecting place as my pocket energy of ingredients mixing a bowl my hip bless, fusing with esteem purpose and Power mingling I see, feel and hold the luscious vision of my desire and action offer, a type of baking powder to make things rise with stevia stones and butterscotch faith and feeling deserving I summon and serve myself a life of fulfillment

What is your vision of a fulfilling life? What are you doing to move towards it? What do you believe needs to happen before you can entertain this fulfilling life? Is that REALLY true? Are you able to challenge your belief? Your thinking? Your perception? Can you believe that you really are able to achieve it sooner than later? Is it really true that we need to effort so much for the things we want?

I have been seriously contemplating this idea…what if it really doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it? What if we allow ourselves a little slack and lighten up about what is required of us? What if we just had fun in the process….being gentle and patient with ourselves… working as our energy,desire and curiosity directs us…. being present to and utilizing the energy that propels us forward, towards a fulfilling life… What if we allowed the examining and transforming of limiting thoughts beliefs and behaviors to excite us to a new way of being, living…the pleasure in the planning and pursuing:-)What if the path to fulfilling purpose and experiencing bliss is paved with time spent in pleasure and presence? I plan to experiment with this concept. How about you?

Published by jlbrou

I am all about self exploration and healing. The discoveries which I have made while searching my soul have enlivened me as well as have generated excitement and empowerment. I am eager to share tools and strategies that I have implemented which have made my sailing on the sometimes stormy seas of self discovery and healing a little less threatening.

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