Student of Nature:Guided by Light to Right Action     

 By Jenn Brouillette 050322


throughout  the day, 

I envisioned myself 

as a hawk

catching colors from the sun

reflections in my feathers

of pink,blue,green,


high above contempt

unruffled by

Crow’s attempts 

of attacking. 


so poised 

in my power,in my worth…


connected to compassion.

I felt the suns’ rays

reach out 

to hold my wing-hand…

endowing me 

with calm, quiet strength.

illuminating my mind.

clarifying my perception, 

of what is truly threat 

and what is “nothing but ‘a thang” .

…Encouraging me to elevate 

above every peril.

Having mercy

being soft…tender hearted

toward Crow,

knowing, trusting in my steadfast ability

to obtain nourishment,

for body, mind and spirit…

to be self fed, fulfilled and free.

In my experience, I have noticed that often times personal power is defined as”speaking up” …”speaking your truth” …but maybe there are also other expressions of power that need to be considered and valued.

I have been experimenting with a new way of handling conflict and feelings of offense that for me,has enhanced my energy and expanded my heart.

When I feel an initial trigger, a charge…a feeling of offense or judgement from something someone says or does, I remind myself “Don’t take this personally…it has nothing to do with you…Everyone is operating from their own experience of unhealed trauma”.

This practice has been life changing for me. It allows me to stay centered in my own worth and power then directs me to respond with compassion towards the perceived “offender”.

I have often struggled with feelings of frustration and low self esteem because I couldn’t express power as I had been conditioned to do so…it just wasn’t my nature. I spent so much time and energy in judging myself as “less then” because I couldn’t respond with a snarky comment to “put people in their place”…”tell them a thing or two” etc etc…This way never resonated with me, however, when I am able to recognize that the things other’s say or do has nothing to do with my worth, it is so easy NOT to give it any energy and soar high above the drama, being totally uninfluenced, unruffled by their comments or actions.

For me this process began with a regular practice of affirming my worth daily. I believe that a positive sense of self worth is the foundation of good mental health.

How do you express your personal power?

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I am all about self exploration and healing. The discoveries which I have made while searching my soul have enlivened me as well as have generated excitement and empowerment. I am eager to share tools and strategies that I have implemented which have made my sailing on the sometimes stormy seas of self discovery and healing a little less threatening.

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