When I live

 on a piece

 of private,open land

I will be her steward,not her owner

She will be my mentor and my friend

I will tend to her with deep devoted care

And willingly share her expanse 

With flora, fawna

Critters and birds

All are invited, all are welcome.

When I live

on a piece

of private open land,

I will rise 

at five in the morning

during the summer and springtime

to watch,witness and admire,

the magical transformation,

the passing

of night 

turn to day. 

When we live 

on a piece 

of private open land,

under the influence of the full moon,

New with bright blessings and flashes of illumination,

we will dance and make love

with a canopy of stars above.

When we live 

on a piece 

of private open land,

we will light a fire

In the pit

at nighttime…

…listen to crickets

and sing to the music

from the radio.

We will laugh and drink,

beer and mojitos. 

and maybe

I will call in a dedication

to you this time,

and we will fall in love

All over again♥️     

The new Homestead ♥️

Published by jlbrou

I am all about self exploration and healing. The discoveries which I have made while searching my soul have enlivened me as well as have generated excitement and empowerment. I am eager to share tools and strategies that I have implemented which have made my sailing on the sometimes stormy seas of self discovery and healing a little less threatening.

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