Wreath Ritual

Wreath Ritual

Wreaths are an effective tool to represent a desire of bringing things together, making connections. You can play with the symbolism of different, vines, flowers  and coordinate them with your desires or needs.

It isn’t particularly necessary to adhere to the mainstream definition of what they symbolize.  You can feel into what the vine, branches, leaves, flowers represent to you personally and use them to signify that quality.

For example, I like to use the vines of  the Japaneese bittersweet for several personal reasons, not necessarily resonating with what the “authorities” might determine.  I enjoy working with this vine because 1. It is easily bendable, flexible. These are often qualities I am looking for in my desires.  Whether it be a job that allows flexibility and freedom of schedule/routine, or in relationships. The quality of flexibility and adaptability is important. Secondly, bittersweet is one of my preferences because I love how it reaches out when it is growing as if it wants to connect with you:-) I also love that it grows towards the light and it always seems so animated to me.  Again, these are all qualities I usually am seeking in my desires, so for me bittersweet is my go to for wreaths.

I have also used apple tree branches as they symbolize healing and they are readily available in my yard, as are Dogwood which are great for supporting desires of   love, comfort, fertility(of babies OR ideas:-)

Protection as well as Banishing(old habits, beliefs, conditioning etc)

Likewise, you can research which flowers or other trinkets correspond with your desires and add them into your wreath.

Here are the steps to the Wreath Ritual

  1. Collect the items you intend to use. These might include branches, flowers, wire, trinkets, glue, scissors. It might help to make a list so you are able to create and focus on your vision/desire while you are creating instead of being distracted from needing to obtain items you forgot to grab. It might ruin the flow of the ritual if all items aren’t gathered from the beginning. Also, it is a great help to practicing mindfulness by preparing ahead of the actual creation.
  2. Take some breaths, get grounded and clear in your desire/intention. For example, on one of my wreaths, my intention was to organize a Woman’s Group/Circle. I took some deep breaths, clearly visualized myself  as a leader of a Woman’s Group, having fun, feeling connected, supporting others etc. 
  3. Try to keep your desire clear in your mind and hold the feeling you want to experience from this intention. 
  4. You might want to think of a catchy mantra to say in your head as you are creating your wreath. It doesnt have to be anything elaborate. It could be as simple as “I call in _____.”  When I was creating the wreath to manifest a Woman’s Group, I affirmed, “Wild, wonderful, warm hearted women, come now unto me, I seek you and you seek me” as I held the vision of participating a supportive women’s group. Have fun with it. Create a mantra that feels aligned with your personal desire and the way you naturally speak.
  5. Create your wreath as you like. Paying attention to places where you can amplify the energy of your desire, such as when you twist or weave the wreath. You can use this action to symbolize weaving your desire into being. You can also use the act of connecting the ends to form your circle as a type of affirmation that what you desire is affirmed by the connection of the two ends.  You can also focus your energy when you are connecting the flowers and/or trinkets that have particular meaning. Use your breath to channel your intention into the wreath.
  6. Notice feelings, sensations, ideas that arise during the making of your wreath. I like to jot them down and document them to see what blooms from them.
  7. Hang your wreath somewhere you will see it and affirm your intention in the present when you pass it, or you might want to repeat your affirmation you used during the making of your wreath. Let your wreath be a reminder of  your desire/intention coming into the present.

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I am all about self exploration and healing. The discoveries which I have made while searching my soul have enlivened me as well as have generated excitement and empowerment. I am eager to share tools and strategies that I have implemented which have made my sailing on the sometimes stormy seas of self discovery and healing a little less threatening.

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