Personal Growth Strategy: The Do-Over

… to help you BLOSSOM into your Truth 🌺

The Do-over

Try this strategy  when you have felt dissatisfied with the way you responded to any given situation. Personal Growth is a process. Sometimes we wish we had responded differently. In this strategy, the Do-Over, provides you with another opportunity to imagine and visualize a better way to respond.

It helps you to shift frustration into self acceptance. It is a practice you can utilze to deepen into the desired feeling and get grounded in safety so you can succeed next time:-)  Personal Growth takes time…practice self compassion as you progress:-) 

Here is how you implement it:

1. Take a few deep breaths with the intention of grounding into the energy of your Highest Self. Try to tap into the support and love of your Highest Self.  You might want to say something like, “I call upon my Highest Self to support me in my efforts to practice responding to challenging situations”.  

Or, you can call upon God, an Archetype, Arch Angels, Acended Masters, whatever extra support resonates with you to support you in this practice.

2. When you feel firmly established and settled,  take a few more breaths with the intention of cleansing and clearing any negative energy from the initial experience. Sometimes it helps to recite a mantra or affirmation in your head to settle you after a stressful experience.

3. Now envision yourself responding to the scenario  from your most empowered, highest self.  Say whatever you need to say without fear and with as much clarity as you can access.  Feel safe, empowered, clear, worthy. Keep repeating how this looks until you are satisfied


4. Feel and bring your awareness to, how this new empowered experience is felt in your body.  Try to access feelings of confidence, clarity, empowerment.  Feel the other person respecting you.

5. Repeat this a few times allowing the energy absorb more fully into your body.

6. Commit to responding this  way the next time a similar situation arises. You may want to repeat this visualization meditation a few times to solidify the healthier, more empowered response.  Make sure to really put your attention on the feeling as well as the vision. Trust that your Highest Self is always with you and supporting you in your Personal Growth efforts.

Play with different scenarios. Journal them. What felt most empowering?most authentic? Most uncomfortable? Why?   Ground yourself in the most authentic, empowering scenario. Trust this new energy overrides the first.

If you would like to learn more about practices that enhance Personal Growth, check out my Processing Workshop or  The Gathering of the Free&Fearless Feminine. Contact Jenn at for more details. Subject line: Processing Workshop or The Gathering of the Free&Fearless Feminine.

Blooming in Truth, 


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