Mental Health Strategy: Examine your Relationship to Time

Maintaining a sense of self worth is one of the biggest obstacles to managing Mental Health. We have been conditioned to believe our worth is defined by how much we accomplish within the time span of any given day. I believe it is time to start reminding people of their inherent worth. Worth is NOT determined by how much we accomplish within a period of time.

I believe better mental health could be achieved if whenever possible, we practiced  operating from a state of flow instead of by being controlled by a clock, calender, schedule. Personal Growth would bloom freely as we practice becoming more willing to be guided by energy, feeling, curiosity and desire.

It often seems to me that our dependence on the structures of time, not only contribute to low self worth but also restrict our access to joy, as we get so preoccupied with what needs to be produced in a period of time. Clocks and calenders deplete us of our “juice” diminishing our sense of enlivened mental health.

Practice investing time in activities that support self care and improve mental health…spend time excavating your inner terrain, cultivating practices that promote personal growth…save time to dream…and if you need some support with these suggestions…Check out my workshops, Contact Jenn at for more info.  

Time to Change

How an
action assigned
to each hour
Of time
Is allowed
To define
Personal worth.
container of time
Filled to the brim
Production posing as esteem.
Absent from presence,
Governed by the clock
a lock 
that limits access
to being.
That mocks opportunity
To indulge in
curiosity, desire,  feeling..
Knocks you to your knees
The control
the calendar
Consult it to see
If “we’re open”
Oblivious to how 
Closed we’ve become
to spontaneity, to flexibility
to freedom and flow.
As unwelcome
As the unexpected pop-in
At your front door. 
Robotic routines
Insisting you
Stay the course
restricting creativity
 or satisfying streams 
of consciousness 
Zombies tempered
falsely perceiving
the safety
Of schedules
So sad…
Languishing, dead,
Not knowing
“What to do with self”
When nothing
Is assigned to time.
Conditioned to numbout, 
Or freak out with fear…
Is anxiety the alarm
going off in the body,
Waking awareness
That the capsule
 of manmade time   
is not the reliable regulator 
You’ve assumed it to be.

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I am all about self exploration and healing. The discoveries which I have made while searching my soul have enlivened me as well as have generated excitement and empowerment. I am eager to share tools and strategies that I have implemented which have made my sailing on the sometimes stormy seas of self discovery and healing a little less threatening.

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