Mental Health Strategy:Self Inquiry

One thing I feel deeply grateful for is having learned how o engage in the practice of self inquiry.

Self inquiry is the key that opens doors to greater understanding about yourself. It is a means of directing you to ways of living that are more aligned with your soul.

I have frequently been asking myself, “What Nourishes me?” “What makes me feel full…satisfied…content?”  These questions have been instrumental in helping me to establish and maintain positive mental health as well as move forward in my process of personal growth.. They have provided clarification as to what course of action I should  take in order to maintain the feeling of satisfaction I have been enjoying over the past month.  

For me, I have determined slow moving summer days of letting go of routine and schedules has bred deep contentment. It has been such a relief to release routines and schedules and consistently follow my curiosity, feelings, desire and energy.   Living at nature’s pace is DEFINATELY for me:-) …it is freeing and fulfilling. By defining this experience as nourishing, I can move with the momentum by planning how I can continue this life style. 

Another activity that has been incredibly sustaining is consistently expressing my Truth. In the past, I would often avoid sharing my thoughts and feelings to deflect any possibility of conflict. What I have learned, is there are many ways to honor my Truth WHILE allowing and respecting the Truth of others. Although I’ve only recently been practicing  and refining this skill, It feel so fulfilling as I gradually become more masterful at this.

Additionally, honestly expressing who I truly am. sometimes comes through in what I choose to wear.(ignoring old conditioning that says “cover up” and donning something that demonstrates my willingness to be seen…no more hiding and shrinking)

True Self Expression has also showed up as a growing courage that is more willing to ask hard questions in relationships, set uncomfortable boundaries or even practice a greater willingness to RECEIVE(I am amazed how often I notice myself resisting receiving in so many ways…this has been a miracle shift:-) 

Other times, Truth is as simple as obeying the desire of my body to let loose and dance while doing the dishes:-) (I’ve startled Scott with my chorus line kicks more than once:-)

Additionally, I have felt SO well fed.. cared for…nourished, by a family who has met me in my desire to make RELATIONSHIP a spiritual practice by showing up for one another in a more authentic,honest and vulnerable way that fosters a feeling of safety and heart2heart connection.

What makes you feel nourished…body, mind, spirit? What prevents you from feeling fully nourished?  Follow me on my website for helpful tools, strategies and practices to improve Mental Health or book a 1:1 session with me.

Published by jlbrou

I am all about self exploration and healing. The discoveries which I have made while searching my soul have enlivened me as well as have generated excitement and empowerment. I am eager to share tools and strategies that I have implemented which have made my sailing on the sometimes stormy seas of self discovery and healing a little less threatening.

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