Indulge in Daily Delight to Better your Mental Health

I think we underestimate the power of joy to heal what is bruised and broken in us. In my perfect world, doctors would scribble a prescription for their repeat patients to experience joy on a daily basis instead of pushing so many pills. In schools, we would be taught and encouraged to define and doContinue reading “Indulge in Daily Delight to Better your Mental Health”

Improving Mental Health by Practicing Self Awareness

I recently had the intuitive hit:”Don’t fear fear”. Since then, I have been taking time to notice whenever anxiety arises and respond to it swiftly so it doesnt stick around so long. It is only in the resisting and repressing that challenging feelings remain. When I instantly exercise some self care by simply noticing theContinue reading “Improving Mental Health by Practicing Self Awareness”

Self Acceptance Serves to Enhance Personal Growth

One of the best approaches to Personal Growth is simple self acceptance. Practice trusting that you are enough, exactly as you are. Trust that your worth is inherent. It doesn’d depend on your weight, your looks, your “success” as we have been deeply conditioned to believe. You are always worthy. Practice deeply FEELING and acceptingContinue reading “Self Acceptance Serves to Enhance Personal Growth”

Personal Growth Strategy: The Do-Over

… to help you BLOSSOM into your Truth 🌺 The Do-over:  Try this strategy  when you have felt dissatisfied with the way you responded to any given situation. Personal Growth is a process. Sometimes we wish we had responded differently. In this strategy, the Do-Over, provides you with another opportunity to imagine and visualize aContinue reading “Personal Growth Strategy: The Do-Over”

Personal Growth Strategy: A Box of Worth

Whenever you receive a card, letter, email, evaluation, recognition at work/school, add it to your box or journal.  When people give you compliments, put a little note in your phone or directly in your box/journal of what they said. Then, whenever you are struggling in your ability to remember and recognize your inherent worth, pullContinue reading “Personal Growth Strategy: A Box of Worth”

Synchronicities and Signs can Guide Personal Growth

     I believe the Universe is very aware of the personal growth we need to accomplish and the  lessons we need to clearly understand them.  Synchronicities, signs and Totems are one way the Universe might tutor you in your lessons to facilitate personal growth. For instance, the other day I was taking a walk,Continue reading “Synchronicities and Signs can Guide Personal Growth”

Personal Growth: Weeds2Seeds

  By Jenn Brouillette I seek to serve, to offer access to my wild & innovative imaJENNation. Bright ideas for tools & strategies, to weed out false belief… to prune poor perception… to release patriarchal programming that oppresses…that promotes powerlessness, preventing personal growth. I strive to collaborate  with soul sisters interested in sowing fertile ground… richContinue reading “Personal Growth: Weeds2Seeds”

Affirmations to Enhance Self Worth

No matter what happens…no matter what you are feeling… ALWAYS REMEMBER… YOU ARE WORTHY ♥️☮️ Read these affirmations and practice REALLY FEELING them as you read. Let me know how it works ♥️ I am worthy when I am rejected as well as accepted by others  I am worthy when I am exhausted as wellContinue reading “Affirmations to Enhance Self Worth”