Personal Growth through Parenting: My Child, My Mirror Workshop

Are you a parent who could use some support? … Do you know someone who is feeling challenged in their efforts to raise respectful children? I would like to invite you to check out my workshop:My Child, My Mirror:-) This workshop serves to enhance your parenting skills by developing a greater awareness of how toContinue reading “Personal Growth through Parenting: My Child, My Mirror Workshop”

Better Mental Health: 3 Steps to Deactivate a Trigger

When you notice that initial trigger of fear, anger or disappointment how do you respond to it? Oftentimes, through no fault of our own, we react from a conditioned, knee jerk state that is most likely, an ineffective coping strategy. Unfortunately, most of us have not grown up with adults who knew how to  modeledContinue reading Better Mental Health: 3 Steps to Deactivate a Trigger

Journaling: Write, Review, Do

Journaling is touted to be one of the best tools to use in order to enhance mental health, however, I believe this strategy is often under utilized.  Over the past several years I have implemented a practice where every morning, in addition to free writing about my feelings,  thoughts,  experiences etc, I REVIEW what IContinue reading “Journaling: Write, Review, Do”

Safe To Be Seen.

I am safe to be seen. I am safe to shine my light. I am safe  when someone senses my spark and responds  with admiration OR condemnation. NOW knowing, discerning, a stare  or a criticism, doesn’t necessarily say “DANGER”. so, I stop shrinking… …having experienced a felt  sincerity  from a stranger on the street whoContinue reading “Safe To Be Seen.”

The Gathering of the Free & Fearless Feminine

I would like to invite you to participate in the Gathering Of The Free & Fearless Feminine.  It is my desire to organize a women’s group that encourages and supports the development of personal growth.  As women become more committed to their own path of personal development, and have access to support, I believe itContinue reading “The Gathering of the Free & Fearless Feminine”

Wreath Ritual

Wreath Ritual Wreaths are an effective tool to represent a desire of bringing things together, making connections. You can play with the symbolism of different, vines, flowers  and coordinate them with your desires or needs. It isn’t particularly necessary to adhere to the mainstream definition of what they symbolize.  You can feel into what theContinue reading “Wreath Ritual”

Using the Energy of Street Names to Manifest

Instead of just walking for exercise, why not combine it with a Manifestation Practice? Try taking  a Meditative Walk (or drive) along a street that corresponds with the energy you would like to invoke to manifest your intention. This can serve as an effective strategy/ritual to materialize your desire into being. Consider and notice allContinue reading “Using the Energy of Street Names to Manifest”

FIRM in the currency of Imagination

Here is a strategy, a quick little ritual that can help you practice and implement a new way of earning a living and meeting your needs/desires. It all begins with cultivating a new belief system… unplugging from the old programs of limitation. Imagine your needs and desires are easily met as you receive income fromContinue reading “FIRM in the currency of Imagination”