Resolving Inner Conflicts to Heal Physical Complaints

I have recently been introduced to a concept in healthcare called New German Medicine. New German Medicine is based on 5 Biological Laws, the first, (which is “The Iron Rule” of cancer,) is that every dis-ease origninates from an unexpected, highly acute and isolating conflict shock that occurs simultaineousely in the psyche, the brain,Continue reading “Resolving Inner Conflicts to Heal Physical Complaints”


I invite you to dive into the Worshops I have to offer. My workshops provide: … tools, strategies and support to help you flow with fear instead of being controlled and limited by it. … understanding of how fear is trying to illuminate old patterns and life lessons. … resources to respond to fear toContinue reading “EBB& FLOW”

Self Acceptance Serves to Enhance Personal Growth

One of the best approaches to Personal Growth is simple self acceptance. Practice trusting that you are enough, exactly as you are. Trust that your worth is inherent. It doesn’d depend on your weight, your looks, your “success” as we have been deeply conditioned to believe. You are always worthy. Practice deeply FEELING and acceptingContinue reading “Self Acceptance Serves to Enhance Personal Growth”