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Hello, I’m Jenn. Welcome to Weeds2Seeds. It is no secret that we are living in challenging times. Mental Health issues are extremely prevalent. Throughout my journey of self exploration and discovery, I have developed and utilized many helpful tools to make pulling up the “root” of problems a little less troublesome.

I believe, more then ever, it is so important to learn and apply skills of self care. Throughout my own journey of self exploration and discovery, I have able to take care of ourselves, body, mind and spirit. Not just when we have the time and the energy but all the time.

Improve your Affirmation Practice

Although affirmations are often suggested for Personal Growth, I have discovered, that they may often backfire. I have come to realize, it is imperative to honestly investigate your TRUE FELT sense of the affirmation before you go any further working with affirmation. In other words, your honest feeling needs to ALIGN with the words youContinue reading “Improve your Affirmation Practice”


Weeds2Seeds …Providing tools and strategies to weed out false belief, poor perception and old conditioning that prevents personal growth.  …Offering support, so that fertile ground may be established in your thought garden that roots you and nourishes you in experiences of safety and success:-) …Planting and nurturing seeds of self esteem, empowerment and joy, soContinue reading “Weeds2Seeds”

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