I am fertile
Soft, open, wet
with a strong
pelvic yes.
ripe to earn
a potential
of abundance.
Having worked hard
to heal shame
and beliefs of barreness.
Ready to reap
through hot desire, clarity
and My own
Divine Creative
I am an expectant mother
Of fetal ideas
Carrying creative babies.
My round circle center
Energetically holding
dreams and visions imagination,
a form of exchange,tender,currency and in it 
I'm rich.
Nurturing til full term is reached
and Im called to Push,bear down, breathe And give birth.
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Applying the same principles of the birth process to our desire to create something in our life can greatly enhance your ability to enjoy better mental health through a more fulfilling life. Although we have been conditioned to believe desire is selfish, dirty, sinful, it really is the very thing that drives our experience of leading a satisfying life and enhances our state of mental health. Claiming, feeding and birthing our desire into being directs us along our personal development path. Cultivate clarity. Let desire lead the way. Allow yourself to be aroused and excited with this desire, (whether it is for soul purpose work, a new home, a loving relationship…what ever you desire) generate the energy of excitement…nurture the development of your desire and soon you will notice it is ready to be born into the physical world and provide you with a sense of satisfaction and abundance.
Photo by Darina Belonogova on Pexels.com

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Pregnant with a Poem

Ideas and thoughts Fertilized by feelings and dreams. Conceived. I am pregnant with a poem. Phrases, metaphor, Sentences, simile. Craving blank pieces of paper and a rainbow of gel pens. Quiet inspiration and inviting space to nourish my seed. swelling, expectant, the verses develop they punch, stretch, kick, summer sault labor pains commence, ensue scribble, edit,erase Copy and paste. Fully dilated, one last push to complete. With sweet reverence, silently I read and reread A tear streams. Feeling so tender. I am overcome with love and pride for this precious thing Delivered By me.

#awareness #Coaching #consciousawareness #consciousness #crafts #empowerment #healing #lawofattraction #manifestation #mental health #Mentalhealthart #parenting #personalgrowth #poem #poetry #selfexpression #stress management #synchronicities

Mental Health Strategy: Examine your Relationship to Time

Maintaining a sense of self worth is one of the biggest obstacles to managing Mental Health. We have been conditioned to believe our worth is defined by how much we accomplish within the time span of any given day. I believe it is time to start reminding people of their inherent worth. Worth is NOT determined by how much we accomplish within a period of time.

I believe better mental health could be achieved if whenever possible, we practiced  operating from a state of flow instead of by being controlled by a clock, calender, schedule. Personal Growth would bloom freely as we practice becoming more willing to be guided by energy, feeling, curiosity and desire.

It often seems to me that our dependence on the structures of time, not only contribute to low self worth but also restrict our access to joy, as we get so preoccupied with what needs to be produced in a period of time. Clocks and calenders deplete us of our “juice” diminishing our sense of enlivened mental health.

Practice investing time in activities that support self care and improve mental health…spend time excavating your inner terrain, cultivating practices that promote personal growth…save time to dream…and if you need some support with these suggestions…Check out my workshops, Contact Jenn at jlbrouha@gmail.com for more info.  

Time to Change

How an
action assigned
to each hour
Of time
Is allowed
To define
Personal worth.
container of time
Filled to the brim
Production posing as esteem.
Absent from presence,
Governed by the clock
a lock 
that limits access
to being.
That mocks opportunity
To indulge in
curiosity, desire,  feeling..
Knocks you to your knees
The control
the calendar
Consult it to see
If “we’re open”
Oblivious to how 
Closed we’ve become
to spontaneity, to flexibility
to freedom and flow.
As unwelcome
As the unexpected pop-in
At your front door. 
Robotic routines
Insisting you
Stay the course
restricting creativity
 or satisfying streams 
of consciousness 
Zombies tempered
falsely perceiving
the safety
Of schedules
So sad…
Languishing, dead,
Not knowing
“What to do with self”
When nothing
Is assigned to time.
Conditioned to numbout, 
Or freak out with fear…
Is anxiety the alarm
going off in the body,
Waking awareness
That the capsule
 of manmade time   
is not the reliable regulator 
You’ve assumed it to be.

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Let’s create a culture that NORMALIZES the need to TAKE TIME to feel our feelings in REAL time…to move our e-MOTIONS, to circulate them through our bodies…to release them and live happily ever after:-) ENOUGH suppression already…We are WIRED to MOVE feeling THROUGH and OUT

Although  I’m not a doctor,  I highly prescribe the practice of regularly tuning into feeling and moving your body as it is directing you to do so. ( to supplement whatever treatment your physician has provided, of course)

I believe if we normalized this ONE piece of societal/familial conditioning, we would greatly alleviate the suffering from anxiety and depression as well as experience greater vitality in our physical bodies. 

IMAGINE feeling SAFE to move through feeling in school, at work, at home without expectation of suppressing, denying or avoiding challenging feeling.  THIS is how we facilitate the passage of intense feelings. They need to MOVE when triggered. If we don’t provide means of release, they will stay lodged…stagnant in the body, wreaking all kinds of havoc. 

If you want to practice a radical act of self care, try honoring your feelings through movement when they come up and see how much better you feel. I have been known to dance/move while prepping dinner, folding laundry, waiting on line, watching tv, taking a walk, even subtle stretches in the workplace can serve to move emotion. 

It doesnt have to be dramatic(OR it may indeed want to express in a wild way…honor whatever comes up)…Find a bathroom, a bedroom…any space that feels safe…listen and move your feelings…shake those hips and shoulders…kick those legs, swing your arms, skip around…LISTEN and RESPOND.

Be part of the solution, give yourself permission to start moving your E-motion in safe places…this is how we create a culture that NORMALIZES the need to TAKE TIME to feel…as we EACH COMMIT to our own personal practice.

Explore some of my workshops to assist you in becoming more masterful in this practice. Contact Jenn at jlbouha@gmail.com for more into.

#awareness #Coaching #consciousawareness #consciousness #crafts #empowerment #healing #lawofattraction #manifestation #mental health #Mentalhealthart #parenting #personalgrowth #poem #poetry #selfexpression #stress management #synchronicities

Mental Health Strategy:Mantra Meditation Walk

Today I took a Mantra Meditation Walk to improve the state of my mental health.  Specificly, to alleviate a restles, unsettled energy, stuck in the center of my belly. A mantra is a repeated word or sound to deepen concentration during meditation. 

 Throughout my walk, I inhaled, then exhaled as I  spoke the word “moo-oo-ve” : a direction to the restless stomach energy that I was experiencing.  The sound “oo”, (as in the word move) is aligned to the energy of the sacral(or belly) chakra. Although this may not be a widely used tool, I find it extremely effective in promoting a sense of well being and enhancing my mental health.(especiially when combined with walking)

After a couple of miles invoking blocked stomach energy to “moo-oo-ve” , I felt belly energy, as well as my mental health, restored. 

Although this may seem like an unusual strategy,  sound and vibration, serve as good instruments in alleviating stagnant energy and improving mental health. An added benefit is, it’s a great tool to practice  feeling more comfortable being seen/heard in your Truth. Who says you have to do manage emotions like everyone else? Get creative! Have fun with it! Do you:-)

Whether you practice using chanting and mantras in a concrete jungle, in the woods or on a treadmill, I assure you, they are extremely effective in moving stuck energy.

For more progressive and unusual  tools and strategies to promote good mental health and personal growth, check out my workshops and contact Jenn at jlbrouha@gmail.com 

  A meditative 
mantra walk 
On a street
In ill repair,
to unclog, dissolve
restless, unsettled, 
sacral chakra energy.
I instruct fearful feelings.
I direct  hindered desire,
(Which is wedged
 between old 
and new versions of self.)
I welcome the hum
of trucks and power tools. 
along this torn up concrete jungle,
where sound is drowning out
as well as harmonizing with,
my “Moo-oo-ve” mantra.
Booming motors ,
clamoring of construction…
Motor cycle zooming through
muting my “Moo-oo-ve” mantra..
Curiosity, tags along with presence.
I wonder if workers are
judging my unusual strategy
to boost my mental health?
No matter. I carry on,
walking many miles(ok, 3)
Embodying the vibration
Of “Moo-oo-ve” mantra.
And so it is
An opening,a softening 
in my sacral energy.
Sooner or later, ease returns.


I invite you to dive into the Worshops I have to offer.

My workshops provide:

… tools, strategies and support to help you flow with fear instead of being controlled and limited by it.

… understanding of how fear is trying to illuminate old patterns and life lessons.

… resources to respond to fear to facilitate good mental health and personal growth.

Contact Jenn at jlbrouha@gmail.com for more information ♥️☮️

Managing Mental Health: From Suffering to Solace

From Weeds2Seeds:Weeding out lies of Patriarchy… Sowing seeds of Matriarchy

Sometimes, in our suffering, it can be overwhelming to know how to proceed in order to manage our mental health so that we may experience greater ease and peace.  Here are a few suggestions to help you manage your mental health, especially anxiety. With a few small adjustments to your daily routine, you can transform suffering into soothing solace.


Even though it doesnt seem like it, we are always making some progress.  It doesnt matter if the growth is small. It takes many strides to finish a marathon.

Practice taking time to REMEMBER and celebrate the small successes you have previously achieved and use them to build a more solid foundation to your goal.

I like to keep notes in my journal as well as in my phone to help me remember all the of the ways and times,I’ve responded to my limitations in healthier ways.It promotes a feeling of accomplishment when you document and remember, all of the improve ment you have made in the state of your mental health and to applaud your gradual personal development.

I have noticed,If success doesn’t get jotted down, I often forget and never notice the headway made(unlike how we keep condemning ourselves for erring)

Additionally, it can be helpful to buddy up with a friend. Ask them to notice and remind you when you are responding to old problems in new, more effective ways(If they are really a great friend, you wont even have to ask this favor….better yet…surround yourself with people who practice mindfulness. Find/Keep a circle of friends who are generous in their encouragement(I know, this isnt an easy task 😦

Align thought, feeling, action/behavior: 

Have you ever experienced a misalignment between thought, feeling, saying and doing?

This can happen when we fear embodying our truth and settle for people pleasing. This action severely damages mental health.

I have recognized this issue in myself when I first started using affirmations without practicing really embodying the belief. This is a sure way to perpetuate anxiety and feelings of powerlessness.

It is much better to honestly acknowledge what you think, feel and do, even if they don’t align, then make a plan to address the discrepancy.   

It is beneficial to be aware of keeping these elements connected. Even if you feel unsure how to change it in the moment, awareness is always key.  When this malalignment  occurs, It is a huge cause of stress and deeply impairs mental health.  Don’t tell people what you WISH you thought/felt and then really feel differently and act in a way that is not in keeping with your Truth.   It only makes for alot of confusion in a relationship as well as sometimes influencing physical health. 

The body wants us to express honestly for best physical health as well as mental health. Furthermore,  relationships(with self as well as others) is most enjoyable when honesty is practiced.

Small daily doses of manageable action: 

It has been my experience that a commitment of one or two actions that will serve to propel you forward, per day is more then enough.  It is not too much to overwhelm yet isn’t too little to seem insignificant(especially if you are jotting down what you did/how you did) 

At the end of a week, it is quite possible you will have a long list of successes to motivate you forward.

Determine an action or two you are willing to commit to and then follow through. For example, you might want to write a reminder to yourself: Today I commit to ___

You can jot it down in your calender, journal, post on the frig, your mirror,or at your desk etc.

Establish a boundary, a space of time you plan to accomplish the task. For example: by 3pm I will submit 2 pieces of writing, by noon I will go for a walk, by 6pm I will practice being in an uncomfortable social situation for 10 minutes …whatever you might be experiencing as challenging.

To go deeper into these strategies, check out WORKSHOPS under the MENU button. I’d love to work with you so you may enjoy greater solace by moving through the suffering.

Contact Jenn at jlbrouha.com for more info.

Movement to Promote Improved Mental Health


 I proceed 
with a don’t fuck with me, 
power walk posture.
Evidence I'm not available to entertain any threatening nonsense
or shenanigans. Carrying tokens of protection along the way. Jingling, heavy metal keys, I hold, …trusting the potency of this spiritual weapon…
like when I was a kid, trusting,knowing, no evil spirit would harm me if I called out “mom!!” … as I entered a dark room, Like a magic trick. Conscious. Aware.
Connected to the grid of sovereignty, I practice embodying my brave soul. Pushing through comfort zones that in the past, felt snug and safe but presently, Oppress. A desire for a new sense of security and freedom. gradually, I dabble in becoming, then dare to be more frequently, a courageous risk taker. Take a chance..stretch my neck out (even just a bit) To be real…to be seen…to be known. Rip off the mask, No more hiding. Not from judgement, nor shadowy feelings. Ahhh.… Awake…Animated. An expansive, open stretch… Enlivened… I’ve Arrived. Movement, whatever movement calls to you, is a great tool to help you to make strides in your efforts to grow and overcome old conditioning, thereby improving mental health. As your body moves, so too moves stagnant energy, encouraging access to clarity and courage to change. A commitment to daily movement as a means to improve mental health, whether it be walking, dancing, yoga…even movement while cleaning is so beneficial in moving negative energy and clearing the way for right action to arise. I invite you to check out my Workshops to support you in passing through obstacles that prevent Personal Growth and enhance your state of mental health. Step into your power, walk into your worth…It would be an honor and privilege to work with you… to assist you in your efforts to blossom into your highest potential.

From Weeds2Seeds:Weeding out lies of Patriarchy… Sowing seeds of Matriarchy