Indulge in Daily Delight to Better your Mental Health

I think we underestimate the power of joy to heal what is bruised and broken in us.

In my perfect world, doctors would scribble a prescription for their repeat patients to experience joy on a daily basis instead of pushing so many pills. In schools, we would be taught and encouraged to define and do what delights us every day. It would be taught in Health as a means of self care, just as important as having good hygeine, eating healthy food and getting proper rest. It is so curious to me how they neglect to teach joy as a tool to cope with stress.

On a daily basis, burden and heaviness is often felt. This sense of burden impairs our state of mental health and can contribute to the creation of discomfort and disease in the body, mind, spirit.

Here are some suggestions to guide your dive into Daily Delight

Self knowledge: know what you love doing and grant yourself permission to indulge in this activity…think of new things you’ve always thought you’d like to do and do them. It is high time we started normalizing the need to indulge in delight and not be so governed by the patriarchal programming of PRODUCE, PRODUCE, PRODUCE!!!

I like to keep a list in my phone notes for the things I would like to do…I categorize mine by season, but whatever works for you personally is best.

Permission: Begin to EMBODY the belief…I deserve to have fun…I deserve to relax…I deserve to indulge in delight EVERYDAY. It doesnt have to take alot of time or energy.

Challenge yourself to find small indulgences to promote better mental health. It is so worth the effort.

KNOW you are ALLOWED to experience joy:-) everything doesnt have to be a grind.

Perception: not seeing things as chores, bores…but as opportunities to practice being present in the now. Joy is intensified when we practice presence and we can relax into a more peaceful state of mental health. When we do this it brings love and satisfaction to the activitiy despite previously not necessarily enjoying it.

For example, Standing on line at a store, at a light,(anytime you have to wait) Changing my perception of things that i NEED to do and adding elements of joy to them has been a life saver and has served to help me establish and maintain better mental health.

Breathe.Trust that it is all good. Everything is just a matter of perception.

Butterscotch, Stevia and Stones

Sweet sunny butterscotch 

and some packets of stevia


beside stones

of bumblebee jasper and citrine

(Believed, by the way,

 to promote prosperity and purpose)

I smile with delight

Imagining the potent alchemy occuring

in such an unsuspecting place

as my pocket.

Energy of ingredients mix

In the bowl

at my hip.

Bliss, fusing with esteem

Purpose and power mingling

I see,feel and hold

The luscious vision

Of my desire 

A ritual performed, 

an action of intention…

A type of baking powder,

to make things rise.

With stevia,stones and butterscotch, 

Faith and  feeling deserving

I summon 

and serve myself

a life of fulfillment. 

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Improving Mental Health by Practicing Self Awareness

I recently had the intuitive hit:”Don’t fear fear”. Since then, I have been taking time to notice whenever anxiety arises and respond to it swiftly so it doesnt stick around so long. It is only in the resisting and repressing that challenging feelings remain. When I instantly exercise some self care by simply noticing the feeling, it speeds up it’s passing.

I acknowledge the feeling by speak to the feeling as if it were a friend. When we relate to our feelings and sensations instead of trying to control and resist them, it has been my observation that they pass so much more quickly. Furthermore it greatly improves Mental Health.

An example of a conversation with my feelings or body sensations might sound like:

Me: Stomach, I am sensing some tension in you. Do you want to tell me what you need? What would you like me to know?

Then, I breathe a few deep breaths directing the energy into my belly. I feel directed to stretch… arms out, head back, upper back, slightly bent …creating an opening for tense belly energy to move. Next, I listen a little longer and get the vision of walking along the shore. Yes,I get it. My bodymindspirit needs a break after a couple of intense work weeks.

I honor this insight immediately by packing up my computer and papers, and taking some time to restore my energy by walking along the waters to release some nervous energy.

I let excitement ebb…fear flow…before you know it, feeling restored and ready to go;-)


By Jenn Brouillette

The shore is isolated

 except for

so many sandpipers

 searching for sustanence in the surf


although it is a gray breezy day on the beach,

my being feels brightly lit

 with a warm, roaring fire

 of love and gratitude

flickering within.

while outside, 

expansive, spacious sands

 inspire… invite…

 exuberant cartwheels

 of freedom,liberation.

Powerful, pounding waves


into my core

with an echo

of crashing confidence…

So,be it.

I listen intently

 to interpret

the tides’  language

sensing the sea

 has an 

intimate  message for me.

 the ebb and flow,

a whooshing whisper,

a secret.

I cant comprehend the words

but I perceive the feeling.

All at once, 

there is a washing away 

of self doubt… inadequacy

and I embody this knowing:

the power…the worth…the soothing support

 of the sea…

…I am in her, and she is in me.

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Self Acceptance Serves to Enhance Personal Growth

One of the best approaches to Personal Growth is simple self acceptance. Practice trusting that you are enough, exactly as you are. Trust that your worth is inherent. It doesn’d depend on your weight, your looks, your “success” as we have been deeply conditioned to believe.

You are always worthy. Practice deeply FEELING and accepting yourself where you are. Offer no apologies for your imperfections or flaws.

Personal Growth flows as we love and accept ourselves where we are. Magic really begins to happen as you are able to let go of old conditionings and expectations…from self as well as society.


by Jenn Brouillette

Like Mother Moon,

I offer no apologies

for my fullness,

for rolls of belly, 

Cushy flesh

that has

birthed ideas and dreams

as well as children…

abdomen of abundance.

A renewed, 

more sovereign self

nurtured within this portal.

And ample hip handles

to hold and steer

me into pleasure.

It has been,

since the beginning,

that soft is seen 

as a sin, a scarlet letter…

…we wane

With this



brought up,

never taught,

self acceptance …

… that

gentle self compassion…

is a cure 

for the

experience of exclusion

and disdain,

shamed and shunned

by the critics

and bullies.

girls and women


to condemn 

their divine form,

they shrink inside 

as their exterior structure expands. .

But now it seems,

the tide has turned..


present in the pelvis,

in the gut 

of fierce, fertile females,

is power of creation

the power of pleasure

the medicine of 

deep intimacy. 

So, I choose 

to abandon

the old understanding


begin to embody

self approval

regardless of




Because what is enchanting,

is waxing

 with bright presence, 


kindness, depth.

And always,

like Lady Moon,

my phase

may change

and my body

will be



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Personal Growth Strategy: The Do-Over

… to help you BLOSSOM into your Truth 🌺

The Do-over

Try this strategy  when you have felt dissatisfied with the way you responded to any given situation. Personal Growth is a process. Sometimes we wish we had responded differently. In this strategy, the Do-Over, provides you with another opportunity to imagine and visualize a better way to respond.

It helps you to shift frustration into self acceptance. It is a practice you can utilze to deepen into the desired feeling and get grounded in safety so you can succeed next time:-)  Personal Growth takes time…practice self compassion as you progress:-) 

Here is how you implement it:

1. Take a few deep breaths with the intention of grounding into the energy of your Highest Self. Try to tap into the support and love of your Highest Self.  You might want to say something like, “I call upon my Highest Self to support me in my efforts to practice responding to challenging situations”.  

Or, you can call upon God, an Archetype, Arch Angels, Acended Masters, whatever extra support resonates with you to support you in this practice.

2. When you feel firmly established and settled,  take a few more breaths with the intention of cleansing and clearing any negative energy from the initial experience. Sometimes it helps to recite a mantra or affirmation in your head to settle you after a stressful experience.

3. Now envision yourself responding to the scenario  from your most empowered, highest self.  Say whatever you need to say without fear and with as much clarity as you can access.  Feel safe, empowered, clear, worthy. Keep repeating how this looks until you are satisfied


4. Feel and bring your awareness to, how this new empowered experience is felt in your body.  Try to access feelings of confidence, clarity, empowerment.  Feel the other person respecting you.

5. Repeat this a few times allowing the energy absorb more fully into your body.

6. Commit to responding this  way the next time a similar situation arises. You may want to repeat this visualization meditation a few times to solidify the healthier, more empowered response.  Make sure to really put your attention on the feeling as well as the vision. Trust that your Highest Self is always with you and supporting you in your Personal Growth efforts.

Play with different scenarios. Journal them. What felt most empowering?most authentic? Most uncomfortable? Why?   Ground yourself in the most authentic, empowering scenario. Trust this new energy overrides the first.

If you would like to learn more about practices that enhance Personal Growth, check out my Processing Workshop or  The Gathering of the Free&Fearless Feminine. Contact Jenn at for more details. Subject line: Processing Workshop or The Gathering of the Free&Fearless Feminine.

Blooming in Truth, 


Personal Growth Strategy: A Box of Worth

Whenever you receive a card, letter, email, evaluation, recognition at work/school, add it to your box or journal.  When people give you compliments, put a little note in your phone or directly in your box/journal of what they said.

Then, whenever you are struggling in your ability to remember and recognize your inherent worth, pull out your box/journal and indulge yourself in all the nice things people have said about you.   

You can either make your own box, or purchase one of your liking.  If you prefer, just tape or glue your compliments into a journal.

Afterwards, spend some time really absorbing the good vibes of these statements. Listen to some meditation music on YouTube that inspires a deeper feeling of self worth or a guided meditation that promotes healthy self esteem.

Breathe, believe,feel and KNOW you are inherently worthy just as you are.  Return to this activity whenever you are feeling down on yourself

Synchronicities and Signs can Guide Personal Growth



 I believe the Universe is very aware of the personal growth we need to accomplish and the  lessons we need to clearly understand them.  Synchronicities, signs and Totems are one way the Universe might tutor you in your lessons to facilitate personal growth.

For instance, the other day I was taking a walk, contemplating how we are expected to just go along with what the “authorities” claim to be gospel  “truth”.( I have very actively been trying to become more aware of this and practice discerning for myself what is right and true.) 

As I continued on a wooded path, I stepped right into a spiders web. I brushed some remnants from my face and continued through the forest. I felt inspired that my experience with the web was lecturing to me:-)“Yes, it is a web of lies the authorities often lead you into, think for yourself”.

The timing of how my thoughts and the experience corresponded, felt very much like a sign from the Universe encouraging my personal growth…affirming that it is wise to practice independent thinking.

When I arrived home, I sat down outside at the picnic table. The way the sun was beaming, made a nearby spider web shine with rainbow colors. As I went to investigate, AGAIN, I walked directly into ANOTHER web!

My awareness throughout the day, played with examining all the subtle ways I notice myself and others, unconciously operating from patriarchal programming and how it prevents personal growth. I felt grateful for the timely lessons of the spider web to enhance my efforts towards personal growth and independent thinking.

Later on, I was bringing the garbage out and noticed web number three, hanging upon my vans mirror! Not only is Three times the charm. But that it was dangling from a mirror felt very significant!

I tossed the garbage in the bin along with all the trashy, limited thinking and perceptions I’ve been collecting:-)

Do you use Divine Signs, Synchronicities and Totems to Guide your Personal Growth process? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

If you would like to learn more about discerning and applying synchronicities and Divine Signs to enhance your personal growth, check out my workshop on DIVINE SIGNS under the Workshop Menu. Contact Jenn at for more information.♥️☮️

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Creative Power

#awareness #Coaching #consciousawareness #consciousness #crafts #empowerment #healing #lawofattraction #manifestation #mental health #Mentalhealthart #parenting #personalgrowth #poem #poetry #selfexpression #stress management #synchronicities

#awareness #Coaching #consciousawareness #consciousness #crafts #empowerment #healing #lawofattraction #manifestation #mental health #Mentalhealthart #parenting #personalgrowth #poem #poetry #selfexpression #stress management #synchronicities

Personal Growth: Weeds2Seeds

  By Jenn Brouillette

I seek to serve,

to offer access

to my wild

& innovative


Bright ideas

for tools & strategies,

to weed out false belief…

to prune poor perception…

to release patriarchal programming

that oppresses…that promotes powerlessness,

preventing personal growth.

I strive to collaborate 

with soul sisters

interested in sowing fertile ground…

rich for rooting seeds of positive belief

small and tender, sprouting with intention.

I will be a stick and twine

supporting blooming buds

in the garden of personal growth.

Sustained with the rain and light


My most sincere desire:

to facilitate

the blossoming 

of becoming

Your most vibrant truth,

to observe you,


feasting upon

an abundant harvest

of fulfillment and joy 😊

I’d love to work with you:-)  Check out my offerings under Workshops in my dropdown menu. ♥️☮️


Affirmations to Enhance Self Worth


No matter what happens…no matter what you are feeling… ALWAYS REMEMBER… YOU ARE WORTHY ♥️☮️

Read these affirmations and practice REALLY FEELING them as you read. Let me know how it works ♥️

I am worthy when I am rejected as well as accepted by others 

I am worthy when I am exhausted as well as when I am energetic

I am worthy when I am quiet as well as when I am talkative.

I am worthy when I am empty as well as full.

I am worthy when I am embarrassed.

I am worthy when I make mistakes…I am worthy when I fail as well as when I succeed.

I am worthy when I am grieving deeply as well as when I am delighted beyond belief.

I am worthy when I am overwhelmed as well as when I am experiencing ease.

I am worthy no matter where I live

I am worthy when I am frozen in fear as well as when I am a courageous warrior.

I am worthy when I am corrected…I remain competent