When I live

 on a piece

 of private,open land

I will be her steward,not her owner

She will be my mentor and my friend

I will tend to her with deep devoted care

And willingly share her expanse 

With flora, fawna

Critters and birds

All are invited, all are welcome.

When I live

on a piece

of private open land,

I will rise 

at five in the morning

during the summer and springtime

to watch,witness and admire,

the magical transformation,

the passing

of night 

turn to day. 

When we live 

on a piece 

of private open land,

under the influence of the full moon,

New with bright blessings and flashes of illumination,

we will dance and make love

with a canopy of stars above.

When we live 

on a piece 

of private open land,

we will light a fire

In the pit

at nighttime…

…listen to crickets

and sing to the music

from the radio.

We will laugh and drink,

beer and mojitos. 

and maybe

I will call in a dedication

to you this time,

and we will fall in love

All over again♥️     

The new Homestead ♥️

Using the Energy of Street Names to Manifest

Instead of just walking for exercise, why not combine it with a Manifestation Practice? Try taking  a Meditative Walk (or drive) along a street that corresponds with the energy you would like to invoke to manifest your intention. This can serve as an effective strategy/ritual to materialize your desire into being.

Consider and notice all the streets in your area that might align with your desires. Some of the common ones I like to use are Union St, Rt 111, 4th Ave, New St, 8th Ave, just to name a few. I use Unions St when I want connection with something(a soul aligned job, a circle of new friends, my HigherSelf).  The angel number 111 signifies being on the right path, so I have used this for support and strength to DO the actions I need to do to remain aligned on my Highest Self path while driving on Rt 111.  The Number 4 represents the falling of old structure and rebuilding new.  I do a meditative walk on 4th ave when I have intentions of releasing old behavior, conditioning, beliefs and desire to establish new ones.   Its fun and easy to begin a manifestation meditation walk. Here’s how:

  1. When your intention is clear, establish an affirmation or mantra that reflects your desire. For example when I walked on Union St, I affirmed:” I am now in union with my soul aligned job” or “I am now in union with my Highest Self”  etc. 
  2. As you say the words(in your head), visualize yourself feeling the feelings that reflect your intention. Visualize yourself DOING your intention. 
  3. Imagine the road is full of the power/energy you need to create your desire.(Ex:connnection/union) Breathe in that energy, from the road, into your feet and then all the way up to your head. You can imagine the energy as white light.
  4. Practice FEELING the energy you are taking in from name of the street.
  5. Alternate with the vision of power/energy coming in from the street with the vision of you doing/feeling your intention.
  6. Obviously, you want to make sure you stay mindful of traffic and other pedestrians.
  7. If you do this as a meditative drive, I would recommend doing it as a passenger:-)

FIRM in the currency of Imagination

Here is a strategy, a quick little ritual that can help you practice and implement a new way of earning a living and meeting your needs/desires. It all begins with cultivating a new belief system… unplugging from the old programs of limitation.

  1. Imagine your needs and desires are easily met as you receive income from doing what lights you up…receiving income from ideas born of your imagination. Maybe you have an idea for a service or a product…maybe you have an idea for creating better systems…whatever it is, SEE and FEEL yourself as fulfilled, free,safe, joyful doing this thing.

2. Practice standing firm in this belief in Tree Pose, as pictured above.(It is fine if your foot is at ankle or anywhere else on your standing leg that feels comfortable.) The idea is to experience the feeling of grounding firm, feeling balanced in the belief that needs/desires can be met with ease, through the use of your creativity/imagination instead of alot of efforting.

3. Bring your arms up and open or at your sides and open as if you are demonstrating your willingness to receive the abundance the Universe wants to offer you.  Bring your breath and awareness to your feeling of  willingness to RECEIVE and IMPLEMENT this new belief. Practice feeling safe and trusting there is a new, easier way to meet your needs/desires. Continue imagining yourself earning $$ from doing projects you are excited and passionate about doing.

4. Affirm in your head (or if you are comfortable, out loud): “I stand FIRM in the currency of imagination…I am RICH in the currency of Imagination, which enables me to meet my needs and desires.” Repeat this and FEEL the truth in the words..Breathe deep, exhale this belief down into your “roots”…FEEL safe in this new belief. 

5.Repeat for 5 minutes or longer if you feel comfortable. Change standing legs as you need to. Get grounded in the Feeling, trust in the new belief, exhale/release the old way of believing you need to work hard at a 9-5 grind in order to have your needs/desires met.

6.In numerology, the number 4 symbolizes breaking down old structures(beliefs, conditioning) and establishing new structure, belief, conditioning. It is an added benefit of amplified energy if you do this practice at 4(either a.m or pm) It serves to enhance the energy of letting go of the old and building the new. If that isnt convenient, it’s not a big deal.

Student of Nature:Guided by Light to Right Action     

 By Jenn Brouillette 050322


throughout  the day, 

I envisioned myself 

as a hawk

catching colors from the sun

reflections in my feathers

of pink,blue,green,


high above contempt

unruffled by

Crow’s attempts 

of attacking. 


so poised 

in my power,in my worth…


connected to compassion.

I felt the suns’ rays

reach out 

to hold my wing-hand…

endowing me 

with calm, quiet strength.

illuminating my mind.

clarifying my perception, 

of what is truly threat 

and what is “nothing but ‘a thang” .

…Encouraging me to elevate 

above every peril.

Having mercy

being soft…tender hearted

toward Crow,

knowing, trusting in my steadfast ability

to obtain nourishment,

for body, mind and spirit…

to be self fed, fulfilled and free.

In my experience, I have noticed that often times personal power is defined as”speaking up” …”speaking your truth” …but maybe there are also other expressions of power that need to be considered and valued.

I have been experimenting with a new way of handling conflict and feelings of offense that for me,has enhanced my energy and expanded my heart.

When I feel an initial trigger, a charge…a feeling of offense or judgement from something someone says or does, I remind myself “Don’t take this personally…it has nothing to do with you…Everyone is operating from their own experience of unhealed trauma”.

This practice has been life changing for me. It allows me to stay centered in my own worth and power then directs me to respond with compassion towards the perceived “offender”.

I have often struggled with feelings of frustration and low self esteem because I couldn’t express power as I had been conditioned to do so…it just wasn’t my nature. I spent so much time and energy in judging myself as “less then” because I couldn’t respond with a snarky comment to “put people in their place”…”tell them a thing or two” etc etc…This way never resonated with me, however, when I am able to recognize that the things other’s say or do has nothing to do with my worth, it is so easy NOT to give it any energy and soar high above the drama, being totally uninfluenced, unruffled by their comments or actions.

For me this process began with a regular practice of affirming my worth daily. I believe that a positive sense of self worth is the foundation of good mental health.

How do you express your personal power?

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Butterscotch, Stevia and Stones

Sweet Sunny butterscotch and some packets of stevia tucked besides stones of bumblebee Jasper and citrine believed by the way to promote prosperity and purpose I smile with the light imagining the potent alchemy occurring in such an unsuspecting place as my pocket energy of ingredients mixing a bowl my hip bless, fusing with esteem purpose and Power mingling I see, feel and hold the luscious vision of my desire and action offer, a type of baking powder to make things rise with stevia stones and butterscotch faith and feeling deserving I summon and serve myself a life of fulfillment

What is your vision of a fulfilling life? What are you doing to move towards it? What do you believe needs to happen before you can entertain this fulfilling life? Is that REALLY true? Are you able to challenge your belief? Your thinking? Your perception? Can you believe that you really are able to achieve it sooner than later? Is it really true that we need to effort so much for the things we want?

I have been seriously contemplating this idea…what if it really doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it? What if we allow ourselves a little slack and lighten up about what is required of us? What if we just had fun in the process….being gentle and patient with ourselves… working as our energy,desire and curiosity directs us…. being present to and utilizing the energy that propels us forward, towards a fulfilling life… What if we allowed the examining and transforming of limiting thoughts beliefs and behaviors to excite us to a new way of being, living…the pleasure in the planning and pursuing:-)What if the path to fulfilling purpose and experiencing bliss is paved with time spent in pleasure and presence? I plan to experiment with this concept. How about you?

About The Conscious Creative Cook

Weeds2Seeds can support you in your efforts to transform into your Highest Self 🦋


I am a certified Personal Growth Coach, specializing in helping people to help themselves by providing personalized tools and strategies that support the realization of your Highest Potential.

I am passionate about offering support to people on their path of self discovery and  am excited to help them recognize the enhanced physical health that often occurs as a result of addressing  mental health issues.  

Through personal experience, I have learned that people are most likely to commit to personal growth when they possess tools and strategies that align with their own nature and interests.  

This is my goal: To get to know you, determine ways and processes that are most aligned with your nature and interests, and work collaboratively with you to develop a plan that enables you to realize your Highest Self…to enjoy a fulfilling, empowered, joyful life:-)

I am excited to serve you through sharing the knowledge, ideas and experience I have gained along my own personal journey as well as while working in the Mental Health field for several years.

Personal Development Programs that I have created and facilitated include: 

  1. Support for Enhanced Self Esteem, 
  2. Promoting and Practicing Personal Empowerment, 
  3. Determining and Fulfilling Personal Purpose  
  4. Endorsing the Indulgence of Daily Delight(Live your Bliss:)

Serving you with strategies and tools that inspire smiles and an enhanced sense of worth.

Recipes for peace, self love,joy & fulfillment ♥️

It is my honor and privilege to assist you in times of distress. My programs are designed to provide relief and resources to ease challenges as well as reduce/eliminate suffering. 

Furthermore, It is my desire to develop a personal plan that can successfully address the stress and challenges you are experiencing. I feel certain that the personal  process established just for you, will result in a greater sense of well being.

Because I have seen successful results on my own journey, as well as with others I have worked with, I feel confident in my ability to support your progress as you pursue a path of personal development. 

My Creed of Health Beliefs:

…I believe good health begins in your mind. Mental health significantly influences physical health. When you transform thoughts, limited beliefs, perceptions, behaviors, it directly influences  physical health.

….I believe at the core of all problems is a lack of self worth and feeling safe.  It is my desire and intention to establish a sense of safety and worth within you.

…I believe as we courageously address the stress that impedes mental health, physical health and energy will significantly be enhanced

…I believe there is no “one size fits all” way of improving well being.  It is necessary for each individual to explore, develop and implement plans that resonate with their personal nature and interests.  Therefore it is always my intention to collaborate with the client by listening deeply and offering guidance so that programs are  structured to suit individualized needs, accorditing to one’s nature and interests. (no generic, cookie cutter strategies here)

…I believe Personal Growth is a lifelong journey that is exciting, fun and empowering.  It is a process of repeated practice that requires dedication and patience. 

…I believe that by creating and utilizing easy, effective and idividuized  strategies to respond to challenging feelings and experiences,it is possible to access an enlivened and fulfilled life. Not to mention the likeliness in eliminating feelings of intimidation and doubt that sometimes cause a detour on the road to self discovery.

I offer personalized services that:

~teach you how to identify and clarify the ROOT of your  problem. 

~provide you with personalized tools and strategies to enhance your sense of self worth.

 ~guide you in determining how your personal power wants to be expressed and develop a plan to courageously step into it. Problems resolve quickly with a renewed will to address issues and take action. 

~Personal Growth Development Groups are also available

Contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment at

Recipes for peace, self love,joy & fulfillment ♥️

Whenever I  attempted to speak my truth as a kid, I was met with much judgement and criticism. This response fostered fear within me and I began to believe it wasn’t safe to express what I thought, felt or believed.  I felt worthless…powerless…unable to be seen, heard, valued.  

In the wake of daily reporting of severe school violence, I know I am not alone in this experience.  I suspect there are tons of kids who share the feelings I described above.(who by the way, grow into adults who often remain in this same frame of mind)

I am so deeply sickened and saddened when I hear news of death, destruction and injury, but even more so in a school environment.  

“Aggression results from a desperation to be heard” said Luis Mojica, an Alternative & Holisic Healer(check out his podcast:Holistic Life Navigation…he is amazing) I believe it is of utmost importance to cultivate skills and foster an environment,  to hold, witness and support a person in whatever the emotional place they are experiencing. 

In order to accomplish this, we must  be willing to break down systems that have proven fruitless in fostering wellbeing(healthcare, educational, governmental)  and attend to restructuring them in so they serve the highest good of the people.

More then anything, this holiday season, I wish for the development of systems that support and nurture good mental health.  I pray that people will have willingness as well as opportunity to easily access opportunities that offer tools that teach how to:

  1. Maintain unshakeable self esteem regardless of any outside influence
  2. Have power and permission to SAFELY speak your Truth
  3. Be ACCEPTED and RESPECTED)for the TRUTH you’ve expressed(others don’t have to like it, but they DO need to ACCEPT and RESPECT it)
  4. Process feelings, experience, thought, belief, perception…let go of what doesnt serve and build new forms that hold your highest good.

I believe education in these skills should be as common as the requirement for learning reading, writing and arithemetic.

For myself,  it hasn’t been easy, but this unlearning and relearning has been an incredible, liberating journey.  It has been exciting and empowering to release these limiting beliefs and give rise and structure to new expansive ways of being.


This is my Christmas wish for the world: free, easy access to knowledge and support, that promotes transformative, empowering healing, for the mental wellbeing of all humans.

Sarah’s Work

Frequently, family and friends will inquire, “how is Sarah doing? Is she working? Going to school?”

When I respond, “She is doing well…she spent two years working and saving and now is taking time to practice some self care and considering in what direction she would like to move towards next” , I am often met with an energy of judgement…that this decision of hers is not deemed worthy or productive enough to satisfy societal standards. This generates a sense of  resentment within me and a deep desire to defend my dear daughter.

What I’d really like to say, and what most people aren’t prepared to hear is, “Sarah is doing the work of cultivating self-awareness…mending and tending to the repair of old wounds…even ancestral wounds…processing thought patterns, behavior patterns that have caused suffering down through the lineages…with great devotion and commitment.  Despite not be getting monetarily paid for this work, it is indeed of great value”

In her endless hours of meditation, journaling, body work and creating,  she remains, in her room cocoon and then emerges, the butterfly, with rich insights to share with me and the new practices of healthier behaviors.  I will always champion her efforts to heal what is hurting within her, recognizing that as she does a deep dive into her inner world she is becoming better prepared to serve others in this difficult but fulfilling labor.

I experience fierce frustration when I am reminded of  the limiting definition of worthwhile work. I will always defend Sarah’s  desire to take this time to explore her thoughts, feelings, beliefs and discover how they connect to ancestral conditioning. 

I admire her so much for her ability to let go of the expectation to conform to traditional work, and honor her  inner guidance, regardless of the opinions of others. She is brave, not bypassing what is needful, with busyness and needless activity of distraction.

She is courageously, consciously swimming into the pain…alchemizing it with her breath and attention into healthy attitudes and behaviors that will support her wellness.  This is by far, is some of the most valuable work one can pursue.

Making connections and discerning what is true and what is false… creating beauty from those insights… Practicing patience in the processing of so much information… Identifying ancestral wounds that remain in her body and tending to them… Developing skills of the Healer is valuable work.

Her main job right now is of an Explorer on a journey of self discovery while attending the University of Life… and who knows the extent of the influence her healing work will have on the world?

I hope we, as a collective consciousness  can begin to successfully promote the legitimacy of this type of work.

Adapting to the Times

3 Ways to Cope with the NOW

I hear so many people lament,”I can’t wait until things get back to normal”

I believe it is possible to continue living a satisfying life despite the perceived limits that the pandemic has created.

Tapping into your resourcefulness and creativity can help to shift your perception as well as your experience.

Here are 3 Ways to Cope with NOW …and prevent further suffering

1.Ask yourself what exact “normal thing” do I miss? What is the feeling attached to that particular thing/experience and consider how you might be able to simulate it within the constraint’s of the pandemic?

For example,maybe you miss the high energy of going to a bar … the music…the dancing..and of course the cocktails:-)Wny not recreate a bar atmosphere at home? Clear some furniture,dim the lighting,crank the tunes,blend some margaritas, dress up in your hottest outfit, open your mind and party with the ones you live with, or take it outside with a few close,masked friends.

Additionally,there is also partying virtually with friends and family.

2. Consider using this time as a time of self refection, learning to enjoy your own company with alot of acceptance and compassion. Take this opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings,beliefs,perceptions.

It is extremely healing and exciting to come into a more intimate, compassionate relationship with oneself. gain clarity around who you are and why you’re here…It is one of the most empowering experiences to identify your shadows(beliefs that prevent you from expressing your Highest Self)and to move through them. A better relationship with yourself will result in the improvement of all your other connections. Practice getting to know yourself and reap the benefits.

3. Consider your feeling around wearing a mask. Reflect upon the metaphor of the “masks” we wear that cover our Highest Selves.

Explore the mask of limiting belief, the programmed perceptions and conditionnings based in fear that we have been brought up with. Yes,it is time to remove THIS mask.

Furthermore,it may be clarifying to examine the concept of “I can’t breathe” with a mask on. What situations/relationships in your life feel suffocating? How can you shift your perception to promote the ability to”breathe easier…fuller?

If you are feeling deprived of affection due to the restrictions from the pandemic, get creative and resourceful to practice alternative ways of expressing affection if you are concerned with contracting Covid.

Alternatively begin and maintain a healthier lifestyle that enhances your immune system, potentially decreasing your concern of catching the virus. Realize your personal power to prevent infection. Practice healthy eating, sleeping,stress management, daily movement, processing experience, letting go of trauma and triggers… writing a new narrative for yourself… just to name a few;-)

Chances are pretty good that we will NOT return to”normal”anytime soon. The best medicine is to go with the flow and do your best to acknowledge and adapt to the present.

Spider Sighting

I noticed this big Mama by my recycling bins…So…Me, being a serious student of discerning Divine Signs sent by the Universe/God, I allowed myself to watch this scene,as if I was peering into a crystal ball to divine the message being sent to me via Madame Spider;-)

I took a few breaths and gently concentrated my gaze, contemplating the tidings meant for me, from her. 

She was perfectly still in the middle of her web. Waiting for several seconds.

Then, having felt some slight indication that sustenance was served, she stepped lively to the source, wrapped it tightly in her silky threads, then darted in the opposite direction to repeat the process on another morsel she had captured. 

Completing the preparation, she proceeded to consume her feast.

While  watching, I felt the information being offered to me, via Madame Spider:) …I became deeply aware of the need for me to practice conscious stillness…to be willing…open, prepared, to receive experiences and opportunities that  will nourish me…I felt inspired to exercise expanded awareness…to notice when it arrives… and to courageously consume, take in, experience the nourishment it has to give.

Do you notice Divine Signs? Do you respond to their messages? 🙂