Student of Nature:Guided by Light to Right Action   050322  

 By Jenn Brouillette


throughout  the day, 

I envisioned myself 

as  Hawk,

catching colors from the sun, 

reflections in my feathers

of pink, blue, green,  


high above contempt

unruffled by

Crow’s attempts 

of attacking. 


so poised 

in my power, in my worth…


connected to compassion.

I felt the suns’ rays

reach out 

to hold my wing-hand…

endowing me 

with calm, quiet strength.

illuminating my mind.

clarifying my perception, 

of what is truly threat 

and what is “nothing but ‘a thang” .

…Encouraging me to elevate 

above every peril.

Having mercy

being soft…tender hearted

 toward crow,

 knowing, trusting in my steadfast ability

 to obtain nourishment,

 for body, mind and spirit…

to be self fed, fulfilled and free.


by Jenn Brouillette


in my own particular expression of beauty,

cultivated from the inside out.


in the knowledge of my divine worth.

Whether weight is gained or lost.

Deeply Rooted in my own individual demonstration of personal power.

Poised to perform…to operate, unapologetically at my own pace,

for I’m NOT a slave,NOR a machine.

And I realize,


is ego dissolution

in progress

An Unreliable Regulator


How an

action assigned

to each hour

Of time

Is allowed

To define

Personal worth.

container of time

Filled to the brim

Production posing as esteem.

Absent from presence,

Governed by the clock

a lock 

that limits access

to being.

That mocks opportunity

To indulge in

curiosity, desire,  feeling..

Knocks you to your knees



The control

the calendar


Consult it to see

If “we’re open”

Oblivious to how 

Closed we’ve become

to spontaneity, to flexibility

to freedom and flow.

As unwelcome

As the unexpected pop-in

At your front door. 

Robotic routines

Insisting you

Stay the course

restricting creativity

 or satisfying streams 

of consciousness 

Zombies tempered

falsely perceiving

the safety

Of schedules

So sad…

Languishing, dead,

Not knowing

“What to do with self”

When nothing

Is assigned to time.

Conditioned to numbout, 

Or freak out with fear…

Is anxiety the alarm

going off in the body,

Waking awareness

That the capsule

 of manmade time   

is not the reliable regulator 

You’ve assumed it to be.

MANTRA WALK    071922 by Jenn Brouillette

A meditative

mantra walk 

On a street

In ill repair,




to unclog, dissolve

restless, unsettled, 

sacral chakra energy.


I instruct fearful feelings.


I direct  hindered desire,

(Which is wedged

 between old 

and new versions of self.)

I welcome the hum

of trucks and power tools. 

along this torn up concrete jungle,

where sound is drowning out

as well as harmonizing with,

my “Moo-oo-ve” mantra.

Booming motors ,

clamoring of construction…

Motor cycle zooming through

muting my “Moo-oo-ve” mantra..

Curiosity, tags along with presence.

I wonder if workers are

judging my unusual strategy

to boost my mental health?

No matter. I carry on,

walking many miles(ok, 3)

Embodying the vibration

Of “Moo-oo-ve” mantra.

And so it is

An opening,a softening 

in my sacral energy.

Sooner or later, ease returns


I proceed with a don’t fuck with me,

power walk posture.

Evidence I’m not available

to entertain

any threatening nonsense nor shenanigans.

Carrying tokens of protection

along the way.

Jingling, heavy metal keys, I hold,

of this spiritual weapon…like when I was a kid,

Connected to the grid of Sovereignty

that in the past,

felt snug and safe

but presently,Oppress.

gradually,I dabble in becoming,

then dare to be

more frequently,

a courageous risk taker.

To be real…to be seen…to be known.

Rip off the mask,

No more hiding.

Not from judgment, nor shadowy feelings. 


Awake…Animated… I’ve arrived.

photo by Jenn Brouillette


Early March, 
and morning sun
invites me
to witness…
to celebrate…
the melting away
 of winter today
 and all the gray 
that attends it.
He writes me 
a permission slip
to ditch work 
and follow his direction. 
I let him lead me
With his bright beam
Through woods
Where I pack 
the snow
deeper down
With each step I take 
towards spring.

No Apologies                          
By Jenn Brouillette

Like Mother Moon,
I offer no apologies
for my fullness,
for rolls of belly, 
Cushy flesh
that has
birthed ideas and dreams
as well as children…
abdomen of abundance.
A renewed, 
more sovereign self
nurtured within this portal.
And ample hip handles
to hold and steer
me into pleasure.
It has been,
since the beginning,
that soft is seen 
as a sin, a scarlet letter…
...we wane
With this
brought up,
never taught,
self acceptance …
... that
gentle self compassion…
is a cure 
for the
experience of exclusion
and disdain,
shamed and shunned
by the critics
and bullies.
girls and women
to condemn 
their divine form,
they shrink inside 
as their exterior structure expands. .
But now it seems,
the tide has turned..
present in the pelvis,
in the gut 
of fierce, fertile females,
is power of creation
the power of pleasure
the medicine of 
deep intimacy. 
So, I choose 
to abandon
the old understanding
…begin to embody
self approval
regardless of
Because what is enchanting,
is waxing
 with bright presence, 
kindness, depth.
And always,
like Lady Moon,
my phase
may change
and my body
will be


Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com
She was not savvy 
at self examination.
Not knowing
What questions 
To ask of herself
To finally feel
So stuck
In victim
Was she.
Of this
was i most
Influenced by.
Despite loving me deeply
In the most basic primitive
maternal instinctive kind of way,
She, being
never quite formally acquainted
With her power...
unable to
Introduce me
to mine,to acknowledge,
sacred self wisdom.
Never knowing
how to 
pursue purpose 
with passion.
Never granted permission
To examine and let go of lies
Passed off as eternal, gospel truth.
no questions asked.period.
As a result,
I suffer 
(As she once did)
From Divine Knowledge...
Congested with fear and ignorance
Infected with resentment.
And l receive
all this
From a body meditation,
On a sinus infection.

Pregnant with a Poem

Pregnant with a Poem  
by Jenn Brouillette

Ideas and thoughts 
Fertilized by
feelings and dreams.
I am pregnant with a poem.
Phrases, metaphor, 
Sentences, simile.
blank pieces of paper
and a rainbow of gel pens.
Quiet inspiration and inviting space
to nourish my seed.
swelling, expectant,
the verses develop
they punch, stretch, kick, summer sault
labor pains commence, ensue
scribble, edit,erase
Copy and paste.
Fully dilated
one last push
to complete.
With sweet reverence
I read and reread
A Tear streams
Feeling so tender.
I am overcome
with love and pride
for this precious thing
By me.
by Jenn Brouillette 072222
I am fertile
Soft, open, wet
with a strong
pelvic yes.
ripe to earn
a potential
of abundance.
Having worked hard
to heal shame
and beliefs of barreness.
Ready to reap
through hot desire, clarity
and My own
Divine Creative
I am an expectant mother
Of fetal ideas
Carrying creative babies.
My round circle center
Energetically holding
dreams and visions
A form of exchange, tender
And in it,
I’m rich,
til full term is reached,
and Im called to
Push,bear down, breathe
And give birth.
Photo by Marcos Flores on Pexels.com
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