Personal Growth: Weeds2Seeds

  By Jenn Brouillette I seek to serve, to offer access to my wild & innovative imaJENNation. Bright ideas for tools & strategies, to weed out false belief… to prune poor perception… to release patriarchal programming that oppresses…that promotes powerlessness, preventing personal growth. I strive to collaborate  with soul sisters interested in sowing fertile ground… richContinue reading “Personal Growth: Weeds2Seeds”

Affirmations to Enhance Self Worth

No matter what happens…no matter what you are feeling… ALWAYS REMEMBER… YOU ARE WORTHY ♥️☮️ Read these affirmations and practice REALLY FEELING them as you read. Let me know how it works ♥️ I am worthy when I am rejected as well as accepted by others  I am worthy when I am exhausted as wellContinue reading “Affirmations to Enhance Self Worth”