Better Mental Health: 3 Steps to Deactivate a Trigger

When you notice that initial trigger of fear, anger or disappointment how do you respond to it? Oftentimes, through no fault of our own, we react from a conditioned, knee jerk state that is most likely, an ineffective coping strategy. Unfortunately, most of us have not grown up with adults who knew how to  modeledContinue reading Better Mental Health: 3 Steps to Deactivate a Trigger

Using the Energy of Street Names to Manifest

Instead of just walking for exercise, why not combine it with a Manifestation Practice? Try taking  a Meditative Walk (or drive) along a street that corresponds with the energy you would like to invoke to manifest your intention. This can serve as an effective strategy/ritual to materialize your desire into being. Consider and notice allContinue reading “Using the Energy of Street Names to Manifest”

FIRM in the currency of Imagination

Here is a strategy, a quick little ritual that can help you practice and implement a new way of earning a living and meeting your needs/desires. It all begins with cultivating a new belief system… unplugging from the old programs of limitation. Imagine your needs and desires are easily met as you receive income fromContinue reading “FIRM in the currency of Imagination”

About Weeds2Seeds

Hello! I am a certified Personal Growth Coach, specializing in helping people to help themselves by providing personalized tools and strategies that support the realization of your Highest Potential. I am passionate about offering support to people on their path of self discovery and  am excited to help them recognize the enhanced physical health thatContinue reading “About Weeds2Seeds”