Tools and Strategies

Try this quick strategy to support you in your efforts to develop greater self worth, empowerment and purpose. Commit to a certain time(I prefer doing it early in the day, for example when I take the dogs out in the morning, while driving to work, walking from my car to my work place etc)
Affirm to yourself(either silently or aloud)

“In my worth, be I well grounded, protected from critics, be I no longer hounded”
“In my power, be I well grounded, protected from control freaks, be I no longer hounded”
In my purpose, be I well grounded, protected from naysayers, be I no longer hounded”
While affirming this, visualize roots growing deep into the earth to support you in your efforts to become more self actualized.  

In addition to visualizing, practice actually FEELING worthy, powerful and competent in pursuing your purpose.  

Although this is not a quick fix for challenging thinking, when you practice daily, it is very helpful in leading you down the path of of self growth.
Happy Affirming:-)

The Do-Over:

Try this strategy when you have felt dissatisfied with the way you responded to any given situation. Here is how you implement it:

1. Take a few deep breaths with the intention of grounding into the energy of your Highest Self.

Try to tap into the support and love of your Highest Self. You might want to say something like, “I call upon my Highest Self to support me in my efforts to practice responding to challenging situations”. Or, you can call upon God, an Archetype, Arch Angels, Acended Masters, whatever extra support resonates with you.

2. When you feel firmly established and settled, take a few more breaths with the intention of clearing any negative energy from the initial experience.

3. Now envision yourself responding to the scenario from your most empowered, highest self. Say (and/or do)whatever you need to say without fear and with as much clarity as you can access. Keep repeating how this looks until are satisfied.

4. Feel how this new empowered experience is felt in your body. Try to access feelings of confidence, clarity, empowerment. Feel the other person respecting you.

5. Repeat this a few times allowing the energy to absorb more fully into your body.

6. Commit to responding this way the next time a similar situation arises. You may want to repeat this visualization meditation a few times to solidify the healthier, more empowered response. Make sure to really put your attention on the feeling as well as the vision.

Play with the different scenarios, journal them. What felt most empowering?most authentic? most comfortable?Why? Ground yourself in the most authentic, empowering version of yourself. Trust this new energy overrides the first.♥️

Box of Worth

Whenever you receive a card, letter, email, evaluation, recognition at work/school, add it to your box or journal. When people give you compliments, put a little note in your phone or directly in your box/journal of what they said.

Then, whenever you are struggling in your ability to remember and recognize your inherent worth, pull out your box/journal and indulge yourself in all the nice things people have said about you. You can either make your own box, or purchase one of your liking. If you prefer, just tape or glue your compliments into a journal.

Afterwards, spend some time really absorbing the good vibes of these statements. Listen to some meditation music on YouTube that inspires the enhancement of self worth or a guided meditation that promotes healthy self esteem.

Breathe, believe you are inherently worthy just as you are. Return to this activity whenever you are feeling down on yourself.

Nothing to Prove

One of the most effective self care tools you can use is Self Acceptance. Here is a strategy to help you to transform your self talk and see yourself with a kinder lens.

We have NOTHING to PROVE. It is just societal and familial conditioning that led us to believe we have to be/do certain things to be acceptable. You are fine as you are. Judgement and criticism prevent growth. Practice true self acceptance for greater success in creating transformation.

  1. Deeply, without judgement, Look at yourself in the mirror (at least once a day.
  2. Take a few breaths with the intention of clearing away all self criticism.
  3. If it feels comfortable you might want to stand in Goddess Pose(Feet about 3feet apart, knees slightly bent, arms up in a V shape. Feel into your grounded power)
  4. Affirm “I have nothing to prove. I AM me and that is ENOUGH. (REALLY practice accessing this truth, this knowing.)
  5. “I vow to stop judging and critisizing myself. I vow to honor my body, my mind, my spirit, my energy.”
  6. Create a list of how you intend to honor your body, mind, spirit and commit to following through on these actions. When you slip, just notice you slipped without any judgement and remind yourself of you are acceptable just as you are.
  7. Go for a meditative walk in nature. Notice how nature has no need to prove her worth. Know that you too, are part of nature. As you walk jot down lines of inspiration that come to you that affirm you have nothing to prove. Use the natural environment as a muse:-)
  8. Create a poem prayer from your meditative nature walk notes.
  9. Recite your poem to yourself often. Feel the truth in your words. Trust you are ACCEPTABLE. Allow the energy of the words to absorb into your awareness. Notice any shifts in your ability to offer yourself acceptance and self compassion. Celebrate your success.
  10. Here is an example of my Poem Prayer. It has been extremely effective in helping me to ground into self acceptance as well as propelling me forward into the next highest version of myself.

Nothing to prove.


in my own standard 

 of beauty, 


From the Heart Center


from the inside


 Deeply Rooted

 in my own individual demonstration

 of personal power


in the knowledge 

of my divine worth.


 to perform…to operate, unapologetically

at my own pace.

for I am not a machine, nor a slave.


 in the pursuit 

of my purpose.

 And I realize,


 is ego dissolution

in progress.

Using the Energy of  Street Names to Manifest Intentions

Instead of just walking for exercise, why not combine it with a Manifestation Practice? Try taking  a Meditative Walk (or drive) along a street that corresponds with the energy you would like to invoke to manifest your intention. This can serve as an effective strategy/ritual to materialize your desire into being.

Consider and notice all the streets in your area that might align with your desires. Some of the common ones I like to use are Union St, Rt 111, 4th Ave, New St, 8th Ave, just to name a few. I use Unions St when I want connection with something(a soul aligned job, a circle of new friends, my HigherSelf).  The angel number 111 signifies being on the right path, so I have used this for support and strength to DO the actions I need to do to remain aligned on my Highest Self path.  The Number 4 represents the falling of old structure and rebuilding new.  I do a meditative walk on 4th ave when I have intentions of releasing old behavior, conditioning, beliefs and desire to establish new ones.   

  1. When your intention is clear, establish an affirmation or mantra that reflects your desire. For example when I walked on Union St, I affirmed:” I am now in union with my soul aligned job” or “I am now in union with my Highest Self”  etc. 
  2. As you say the words(in your head), visualize yourself feeling the feelings that reflect your intention. Visualize yourself DOING your intention. 
  3. Imagine the road is full of the power/energy you need to create your desire.(Ex:connnection/union) Breathe in that energy, from the road, into your feet and then all the way up to your head. You can imagine the energy as white light.
  4. Practice FEELING the energy you are taking in from name of the street.
  5. Alternate with the vision of power/energy coming in from the street with the vision of you doing/feeling your intention.
  6. Obviously, you want to make sure you stay mindful of traffic and other pedestrians.
  7. If you do this as a meditative drive, I would recommend doing it as a passenger:-)

Wreath Ritual

Wreaths are an effective tool to represent a desire of bringing things together, making connections. You can play with the symbolism of different, vines, flowers  and coordinate them with your desires or needs.

It isn’t particularly necessary to adhere to the mainstream definition of what they symbolize.  You can feel into what the vine, branches, leaves, flowers represent to you personally and use them to signify that quality.

For example, I like to use the vines of  the Japaneese bittersweet for several personal reasons, not necessarily resonating with what the “authorities” might determine.  I enjoy working with this vine because 1. It is easily bendable, flexible. These are often qualities I am looking for in my desires.  Whether it be a job that allows flexibility and freedom of schedule/routine, or in relationships. The quality of flexibility and adaptability is important. Secondly, bittersweet is one of my preferences because I love how it reaches out when it is growing as if it wants to connect with you:-) I also love that it grows towards the light and it always seems so animated to me.  Again, these are all qualities I usually am seeking in my desires, so for me bittersweet is my go to for wreaths.

I have also used apple tree branches as they symbolize healing and they are readily available in my yard, as are Dogwood which are great for supporting desires of   love, comfort, fertility(of babies OR ideas:-)

Protection as well as Banishing(old habits, beliefs, conditioning etc)

Likewise, you can research which flowers or other trinkets correspond with your desires and add them into your wreath.

Here are the steps to the Wreath Ritual

  1. Collect the items you intend to use. These might include branches, flowers, wire, trinkets, glue, scissors. It might help to make a list so you are able to create and focus on your vision/desire while you are creating instead of being distracted from needing to obtain items you forgot to grab. It might ruin the flow of the ritual if all items aren’t gathered from the beginning. Also, it is a great help to practicing mindfulness by preparing ahead of the actual creation.
  2. Take some breaths, get grounded and clear in your desire/intention. For example, on one of my wreaths, my intention was to organize a Woman’s Group/Circle. I took some deep breaths, clearly visualized myself  as a leader of a Woman’s Group, having fun, feeling connected, supporting others etc. 
  3. Try to keep your desire clear in your mind and hold the feeling you want to experience from this intention. 
  4. You might want to think of a catchy mantra to say in your head as you are creating your wreath. It doesnt have to be anything elaborate. It could be as simple as “I call in _____.”  When I was creating the wreath to manifest a Woman’s Group, I affirmed, “Wild, wonderful, warm hearted women, come now unto me, I seek you and you seek me” as I held the vision of participating a supportive women’s group. Have fun with it. Create a mantra that feels aligned with your personal desire and the way you naturally speak.
  5. Create your wreath as you like. Paying attention to places where you can amplify the energy of your desire, such as when you twist or weave the wreath. You can use this action to symbolize weaving your desire into being. You can also use the act of connecting the ends to form your circle as a type of affirmation that what you desire is affirmed by the connection of the two ends.  You can also focus your energy when you are connecting the flowers and/or trinkets that have particular meaning. Use your breath to channel your intention into the wreath.
  6. Notice feelings, sensations, ideas that arise during the making of your wreath. I like to jot them down and document them to see what blooms from them.
  7. Hang your wreath somewhere you will see it and affirm your intention in the present when you pass it, or you might want to repeat your affirmation you used during the making of your wreath. Let your wreath be a reminder of  your desire/intention coming into the present.

Throughout my life, I would become very frustrated with myself because I felt like I wasn’t very competent asserting my personal power. Gratefully, I have finally learned, that the expression of MY power doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Just as everyone h
as their own personal fashion style, I have discovered, it seems we all have our own personal power style. AND you can start wearing that power as soon as you determine for yourself, what is the most comfortable fit for you:-)

The signature of one’s personal power is as unique as their appearance or their personality. There is NOT one size fits all type of power. Permission is granted for you to explore, play and practice with what feels right for you(not that you’ve ever really needed it.)Finding your power doesn’t have to be such serious business. As a matter of fact, you get much quicker results when you view it as play… light and joyful…where failures are just as acceptable as successes….life is all about just allowing ourselves to relax, practice and enjoy the ride:-) (just a reminder, just because youEXPERIENCED failure DOES NOT mean your ARE a failure…dig out that weed real quick:-)

After many failed attempts at trying to mimic what I interpreted [ as “empowered”, I let go of my skewed perception and embraced my own style power and have discovered great comfort and growth here…I highly recommend letting go of what you “think” powerful looks like, sounds like and start tapping into how your soul is inviting you to show up powerfully in your life:-)

Here are some of my methods of surrendering to my soul’s desire to express power:

1. Cultivating an Inner Comedian: I see if I can practice perceiving the humor, the levity in an offensive behavior(just like I was laughing when I was on my edible ride feeling off balance/on a rocking boat…I found the sensation funny…can I do this in real life when someone’s words/behavior provokes feelings of off balance/startled.(offensive behavior is what comedy is all about)(its ok if I am not masterful at first, how would my inner comedian respond?)

2.I ask clarifying questions when others’ behavior/words confuse me or make me feel off balance,(For example: “what does that mean?Are you implying—“…what is happening here?)

3. Reclaim&Release. Reclaim my power(inhale it back into me..Release(exhale) negativity that has been thrown at me/absorbed with my inner comedian exclaiming”You have no power here, be gone, before someone drops a house on you too”(I found this Wizard of Oz quote from Glinda the Good Witch to be exceedingly helpful when re-grounding myself when miserable co-workers attempt to bully you) I believe that when I practice compassionate and encouraging self talk, it is less necessary to make those snarky comments back(which in my younger days I perceived as powerful…not so much anymore:-) ….which brings me to

4.Practice remaining grounded in self compassion and esteem…when these are strong, it doesn’t matter what is thrown at you.

5.Re-affirm my desire or intention to the “critic, bully, aggressor”, “It is my desire/intention to — For example, when I told a family member of our intention to purchase a pool, they critisized this desire so I stated kindly but firmly,””We’ve wanted a pool for a long time, it is our intention to follow through and purchase one this year”. Additionally, you can just dismiss the attempt of the critic to control/devalue your desire, intention. (Return to the Glinda quote:-) in your mind…”you have no power here…be gone before someone drops a house on you too”).Reaffirming my desire/intention is a louder cue that their input is not desired…”It is ok if we have different views on this.”

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6. Being discreet about who I share with, I practice protecting my power/energy if I know the other person is a naysayer,critic, control freak.

What unique ways do you use to assert your personal power? I’d love to hear:-)

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