About Me

It would be a privilege and an honor to support you in the process of your personal growth journey ♥️


I am Jenn, I’m a certified Personal Growth Coach, specializing in helping people to help themselves by providing personalized tools and strategies to support the realization of your Highest Potential.. I am passionate about offering support to people on their path of self discovery and am excited to help them recognize the enhanced physical health that often occurs as a result of addressing mental health issues.

Through personal experience, I have learned that people are most likely to commit to personal growth when they possess tools and strategies that align with their own nature and interests.

This is my goal: To get to know you, determine ways and processes that are most aligned with your nature and interests, and work collaboratively with you to develop a plan to help you to realize your Highest Self…to enjoy a fulfilling, empowered, joyful life:-)

I am excited to serve you through sharing the knowledge, ideas and experience I have gained along my own personal journey as well as while working in the Mental Health field for several years.

Personal Development Programs that I have created and facilitated include:

Support for Enhanced Self Esteem, Promoting and Practicing Personal Empowerment, Determining and Fulfilling Personal Purpose Endorsing the Indulgence of Daily Delight(Live your Bliss:)

It is my honor and privilege to assist you in times of distress. My programs are designed to provide relief and resources to ease challenges as well as reduce/eliminate suffering.

Furthermore, It is my desire to develop a personal plan that can successfully address the stress and challenges you are experiencing.

I feel certain that the personal process established just for you, will result in a greater sense of well being.Because I have seen successful results on my own journey, as well as with others I have worked with, I feel confident in my ability to support your progress as you pursue a path of personal development.

My Creed of Health Beliefs:

…I believe good health begins in your mind. Mental health significantly influences physical health. When you transform thoughts, limited beliefs, perceptions, behaviors, it directly influences physical health.….I believe at the core of all problems is a lack of self worth and feeling safe. It is my desire and intention to establish a sense of safety and worth within you.

…I believe as we courageously address the stress that impedes mental health, physical health and energy will significantly be enhanced…I believe there is no “one size fits all” way of improving well being. It is necessary for each individual to explore, develop and implement plans that resonate with their personal nature and interests. Therefore it is always my intention to collaborate with the client by listening deeply and offering guidance so that programs are structured to suit individualized needs, accorditing to one’s nature and interests. (no generic, cookie cutter strategies here)

…I believe Personal Growth is a lifelong journey that is exciting, fun and empowering. It is a process of repeated practice that requires dedication and patience. …I believe that by creating and utilizing easy, effective and idividuized strategies to respond to challenging feelings and experiences,it is possible to access an enlivened and fulfilled life. Not to mention the likeliness in eliminating feelings of intimidation and doubt that sometimes cause a detour on the road to self discovery.

I offer personalized services that:

~provide you with personalized tools and strategies to enhance your sense of self worth. ~guide you in determining how your personal power wants to be expressed and develop a plan to courageously step into it. Problems resolve quickly with a renewed will to address issues and take action.

~Personal Growth Development Groups are also available

My Rx Process/How I work with You:

Fill out an assessment sheet to determine:problem/challenge you would like to address, clarify what you want/desired result, how to get it(this will evolve as we work together) interests, nature, physical symptoms/illnesses, relationship with signs Collaborate through phone call/email/in person meeting, to develop personalized tools and strategies Offer support as you practice/apply the tools/strategies and collaborate to refine them as needed.

I’m excited to begin working with you ♥️☮️

Weeds2Seeds   By Jenn Brouillette

I seek to serve,

to offer access

to my wild

& innovative


Bright ideas

for tools & strategies,

to weed out false belief…

to prune poor perception…

to release pa triarchal programming

that oppresses…that promotes powerlessness,

preventing personal growth.

I strive to collaborate 

with soul sisters

Interested in sowing fertile ground…

Rich for rooting

seeds of positive belief

Small and tender

Sprouting with intentions.

Buds in the garden of personal growth.

Sustained with the rain and light


My most sincere desire:

to facilitate

the blossoming 

of your most vibrant truth,

and observe you,


feasting upon

an abundant harvest

of fulfillment and joy.

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