Processing Workshop

Do you find yourself:

1.Ruminating on experiences? Replaying them in your mind over and over?

2.Seeing the same patterns of situations happen to you? Not able to establish and maintain healthy habits? People taking advantage of you? Never being heard? Etc

3.Do you find yourself making statements like: this ALWAYS happens or I NEVER can do/have___. (Always examine a statement that has always &/or never in it:-)

The reason why we experience this is because we havent fully processed your experience. Similar to the process of digesting food, we also need to process our feelings, thoughts, experience and belief in order to be nourished and enjoy a happy, healthy life…further more…just as in processing food…we need to get rid of waste…eliminate all thought, feeling, behavior, beliefs, conditionings, perceptions and relationships that do not nourish us.

In my Processing Workshop,we will utilize Group Discussion, Art, Journaling, Movement and Nature as a means of overcoming challenges that prevent personal growth.

Email me at to register for Processing Workshop,every Monday from July 11, 2022 through August 1, 2022, 12pm-2pm.

Divine Signs

Hi there:-), I am a certified Personal Growth Coach. I love helping people to help themselves. It is a thrill for me to assist you with identifying your own internal guidance and gifts and then collaborating with you to implement an effective plan to bring greater ease, joy and empowerment into your life.Piggy-back on my tried and true strategies until you get grounded in your own;-)

The Universe/God is always trying to guide us for our Highest good. Email me at to pre-register for Divine Signs where you will begin to learn how to see and listen and interpret the messages within Divine Signs. In this workshop we will discuss our experiences with signs, establish routines that invite signs into our life, enhance our awareness of and ability to interpret signs.

My Child, My Mirror

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Are you a parent who could use some support? … Do you know someone who is feeling challenged in their efforts to raise respectful children? I would like to invite you to check out my workshop:My Child, Mirror.

This workshop serves to enhance your parenting skills by developing a greater awareness of how to use the challenges YOU are experiencing with your child, as signs or information that can direct you to the issues within yourself that need to be healed. As you heal your own issues, it increases your knowledge of how to successfully nurture your child…body, mind and spirit. As you examine and transform your own belief system, perceptions and conditioning, you become better equipped to be a good role model to your child of how to implement effective mental health skills.

This workshop offers support in discerning, examining and transforming your limited thoughts, perceptions and feelings that obstruct experiences of fulfilment, empowerment and joy.

When parents do the work to heal their own wounded Inner Child, they can successfully raise the children that they gave birth to, with much greater ease.

In My Child, My Mirror workshop, you can expect to receive:

…Opportunity to be heard with compassion and understanding as you describe your challenges and determine whe type of support you need.

…Care and coaching to instruct you how to recognize how your child’s behavior is a reflection of unresolved, childhood issues within yourself.

…Tools and strategies to help you become aware and apply insight you have gained to change behavior and increase experienced, positive outcomes.

…Develop personalized strategies and tools to help manage your child’s behavior.

…Opportunities to connect with other parents who are experiencing similar struggles.

Contact Jenn for more information about participating in My Child, My Mirror Workshop♥️


Available for 1:1 coaching. Contact Jenn at to schedule a session and for more information ♥️☮️

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